Since 2004, we have been proud holders of the Seafish Quality Award. In order to qualify, an approved inspector has to check a whole range of criteria, including shop conditions, raw materials (fish, potatoes, oils etc), storage, hygiene & cleaning, product care, handling and temperature control, packaging and final product quality, management systems, training and skills.

The award lasts for one year and is renewed only if the high standards are maintained.

We use only the freshest cod coated in light crispy batter and cooked to perfection in pure vegetable oil.

Eat in Menu


All our fish is cooked in light crispy batter. We also steam fish to order served with a slice of lemon and black pepper

Mini Cod
A half size cod for children or for those with smaller appetite

Luxury Fish Cakes
A delicious combination of cod, salmon and dill

Chunky Chips
A healthier chunky chip, from the finest British potatoes cooked in vegetable oil that is filtered twice daily

Fish, Chips and Peas

Did you know fish, chips and peas was one of the few foods not to be rationed during World War II ? It was considered to contain all the carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals for a well balanced meal.

Cod, chips and peas

Small cod, chips and peas

Cod and chips

Small cod and chips

Chip muffin

"Potatoes cooked in a crispy batter

Jumbo sausage

Children's boxes

Pies and Puddings

Since 1967, we have served only Holland's quality pies and puddings, which we consider to be the original and the best!

Potato and Meat



Cheese and Onion

Chicken and Mushroom

Traditional Pasties

Steak and Pepper

Steak and Kidney Puddings

Extra Items

Mushy peas
Marrowfats soaked overnight and cooked to our special recipe

Baked Beans


Curry Sauce

Mince Beef Gravy

Hot Chilli

Chicken Tikka Masala

Beef Madras

Boiled Rice

Bread and Butter –2 slices

Buttered Muffin

Jacket Potatoes

Jacket Potatoes

With Butter

With Beans

With Cottage Cheese

With Cheese

With Chilli

With Curry Sauce

With Coleslaw

With Madras

With Mince Gravy

With Tikka Masala

With Cheese and Beans

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