Our family ties date back to the 1920's when Anne's Great Grandmother had a fish and chip shop in Birdwell in Barnsley cooking on a coal range and wrapping in news paper.

The range and the wrapping have changed but the philosophy remains the same. We pride ourselves in the exceptionally high quality of our product

After the tragic death of Anne's Grandfather Joe in a road accident in 1940 Nora Anne's Grandmother) with her two sons Albert (Anne's Father) and Alan moved to Blackpool. They spent a few years running a boarding house called Silverdale at 21 Lord Street

Albert married Jennie in 1946 and Anne's brother Brian was born later that year. Nora moved to a fish and chip shop in Lytham and Alan opened his own shop in Fleetwood. Albert collected fish from the docks and delivered to shops as far afield as Manchester. One of the shops on his round was for sale so the family moved to 222 Hyde road Ardwick in 1949 selling Fish and poultry.

In 1950 Anne was born and the family lived over the shop until 1966 when we deviated slightly into Fish and chips and opened our first chippy at 14 Sandybank Avenue Hattersley Hyde. Brian moved into his own shop at 145 King Street Dukinfield in 1971.

Albert Jennie and Anne continued to work together with the help of Anne's new boyfriend Robert (a Scotsman) who she met on holiday in Torquay. They married in 1974 and their first daughter Nicola was born in 1975 slowly followed by Gemma 7 years later.

Albert and Jennie decided to retire and sold the shop in Hattersley in 1987 and Anne and Robert moved to their present location on the precinct in Woodley. With the business in the blood Albert found it very hard to retire and they decided to work for 6 months to help out.

Albert never did get to retire and died in 1995 whilst Jennie can still be found frying fish most days. Albert's initials can be seen etched in the glass on the front door as a constant reminder of our humble beginnings.

If any of our customers remember us along the journey we would love to hear from you. Our contact details can be found on the home page. We hope you have enjoyed our trip down memory lane.

Watch this space the journey is far from over...

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